Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Restaurant with the $1000 Tweet

Date: 25-01-2012

People ask how much value there is to Twitter marketing and how much a Tweet could be worth and now we have the answer! Last week Shannon Bennett’s great restaurant, Vue de monde, situated on Level 55 of the Rialto found itself in a bit of a pickle. They had a cancellation for their Chefs table that night and needed… More »

How much should a Restaurant website cost?

Date: 12-01-2012

As a marketer, I’m often asked ‟How much should I pay for my website?” In the 1990s my corporate website cost over $80,000! Admittedly it was for a large company, but in those days the internet was relatively new. Design was paramount. Flash, rotating images, pop up windows. Websites were to ‟entertain” and convince customers to buy. In those days,… More »