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Increase the 3Gs of your Restaurant, Cafe or Take Away to increase your profit!

Date: 07-08-2012

Marketing is critical to the success of your business, but if your product is no good, your marketing will be much less effective, partially because the marketing message will not be attractive enough to get new customers in and partially because they won’t want to be repeat customers. The 3Gs of a restaurant product are: Great Food; Great Value; and… More »

Becasse and Justin North – Some lessons learnt.

Date: 07-08-2012

A great dessert from Becasse Bakery. The Bakery and Charlie and Co survived,but sadly nothing else in the group. In the wake of the collapse of Justin North’s Becasse and associated businesses, with only Charlie and Co and Becasse Bakery surviving to be sold to Jones the Grocer for $430,000, with the dust starting to settle, it is probably worth… More »

Eatability, Yelp and other review websites, the good, the bad and the fake.

Date: 07-08-2012

Best practice for dealing with poor reviews on Review Websites We have written before Restaurants commonly come up with the problem of reviews on review websites like Eatability, Urban Spoon or Australian Good Food Guide.  Sometimes the reviews seem quite harsh, sometimes the review seems a little odd and sometimes the review seems to come from someone unfamiliar with the… More »