Monthly Archives: November 2012

Save time and money by taking online Bookings

Date: 27-11-2012

Driving customers to your website through Facebook, email marketing and search engine optimization is just part of the battle.  Once there, your great food, great experience and great value will hopefully convince them to make a booking. with online bookings you can: Spend less time on the phone taking bookings during your busy times; Convert more visitors to your website… More »

Is your website costing you money?

Date: 27-11-2012

Many restaurant owners today are using applets provided by marketing companies to take online bookings for their restaurant.  There are a lot of good reasons why you would want to take bookings online.  These booking gadgets generally charge a fee for the number of bookings that they receive – so it is a success fee, if there aren’t any bookings, you don’t… More »

Great photos for marketing your Restaurant

Date: 07-11-2012

As restaurant advertising and marketing moves from leaflets and Yellow Pages to Facebook and Websites, getting great photos of your restaurant or take out has become increasingly important.  Great images can make or break a website, and your postings on Facebook have a much better chance of going viral when they are accompanied by great photos.  In this blog article,… More »