Monthly Archives: January 2013

Great Waiters can make a difference

Date: 30-01-2013

Michael Garcia, who has been a waiter at Laurenzo’s restaurant in Houston, put his job on the line this week when he refused to serve a group of regular customers because of remarks that they made about another customer.  The other group of customers, regulars at the diner, have a 5 year old little boy, Milo, who has Downs Syndrome. … More »

Looks like we have upset someone!

Date: 10-01-2013

Our Book A Table feature is really gaining traction with Restaurants who had previously been paying around $1 per seat to take bookings online, now enjoying the feature as part of their online marketing package with Some of our customers are saving over $500 per month by not paying for bookings that are coming from their own marketing efforts.… More »

57 Photos and 57 Marketing ideas to help you find more customers

Date: 10-01-2013

2013 is here and it is time to think about your business plan for 2013. To get the creative juices going, the team at Marketing4Restaurants has come up with our list of 57 photos and 57 marketing ideas to help you find more customers. We will Facebook a new photo and idea each day and at the end, release our… More »