Monthly Archives: July 2015

Secret Sauce Episode 4 – Content vs Design – Getting the balance right for your Restaurant Website

Date: 27-07-2015

Many Restaurants have awesome looking websites.  Many Restaurants pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on great looking websites, but many Restaurants don’t have websites that are lead magnets, drawing in new customers day in and day out. Your website should do the sales and marketing.  Your content is the SEO marketing and the desing is the sales.  In this… More »

Episode 3: Basic Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

Date: 20-07-2015

Facebook is the Number 1 Social Media Marketing platform for many Restaurants.  We look at some of the mistakes that people make with their Facebook page and some great examples of Facebook tactics to build your Community.  We also go through the different types of content that work well on Facebook.  More importanmtly we talk about ways to generate that… More »

Just Eat alternative to cut Online Restaurant Ordering fees

Date: 17-07-2015

A report in Management Today talked last year about the large number of UK Restaurants wanting an alternative to the high fees that Just Eat charge.  It stated that 81% of Restaurants paying “between £1,001 and £2,000 a month with Just Eat thought the fees were unfair.”  The average Just Eat commission was £725 per month in fees.   The article also quoted… More »

Episode 2: SEO for Restaurant Websites

Date: 13-07-2015

Right click here and save-as to download this episode to your computer. SEO is a critical part of any online marketing recipe.  It is also an area that many Restaurants lose thousands of customers a year becuase they haven’t got it right.  Discover the Secret of Restaurant SEO and learn how you can improve the targeting of your customers quickly… More »

Episode 1: 8 ways to make your Restaurant busy on a Tuesday night

Date: 09-07-2015

We look at 8 ways that you can increase the numbers of customers to your Restaurant during the quiet times of the week. Joint venture marketing, theme nights, corporate customers and happy hours are all some of the ideas that we will be looking at and more to help you find new customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Episode 0: What is a Secret Sauce for a Restaurant?

Date: 07-07-2015

Intro Episode: How do you find the Secret Sauce for your Restaurant and a little bit about the team from Who we are and why we do what we do for Restaurants. Together let’s find the ingredients for your Secret Sauce.

Quandoo enters the Australian Market

Date: 03-07-2015

An article in Startup Daily today, has announced the entrance of yet another Restaurant Booking system into Australia, Qandoo, an online booking company out of Germany.  They evidently launched in Sydney last week with 50 customers. What is the Quandoo Business Model? We don’t have any details yet about the Quandoo business model, so it will be interesting to see what… More »