Monthly Archives: October 2015

Restaurant Brandjacking – Are Just Eat, Menulog and Delivery Hero taking unfair advantage of Restaurant Owners?

Date: 07-10-2015

Brandjacking – the practice of attempting to hijack a Restaurants brand and name is a common practice in the restaurant industry, which some restaurant owners are not even aware of.  There are two types of restaurant brandjacking commonly seen in the industry, first there is bidding for keywords directly related to a Restaurant in order to get the consumer looking… More »

Delivery Drones for Restaurants – UAVs to revolutionize Take Out Deliveries?

Date: 03-10-2015

The logistics of delivery food to customers in their home have always represented a significant problem for Restaurant owners.  The costs are high and variable workloads makes it difficult to pre-plan staffing levels.  One solution to getting food into the homes of customers could be the introduction of Restaurant Delivery Drones. Some Restaurants have already trialled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for… More »

Zomato Australia launches Restaurant Online Ordering

Date: 02-10-2015

Hospitality Magazine is reporting that this week Zomato Australia launched their online ordering app.  What does it mean for your Restaurant? The article claims that Zomato has launched in Melbourne with 400 Restaurants using the services, which they are expecting to grow to over 1,000 in the coming weeks.  Interestingly enough, on the website we could find only around 100… More »

Episode 12 – Marketing to grow your Online Orders

Date: 01-10-2015

We talk to Tan Terry from Seagulls Greek Taverna, one of our Beta Testers for the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.  He ran an online marketing campaign and spent $50 in one day.  The result – $1,800 in orders.  The night was booming and the kitchen nearly ran out of food.  Find out how he did it and also what… More »