Monthly Archives: March 2016

Menulog data breach – What does it mean for your Restaurant?

Date: 31-03-2016

The Age is running a story today about Menulog potentially breaching the privacy of over 1.1 million customers.  A screen shot shows an internal Menulog portal which Restaurants have access to. The data breach contained names, email addresses and addresses.  This is a serious issue for the privacy of your customers, but it is a nightmare scenario if your competitors… More »

17 – How to increase Restaurant Walk in Traffic

Date: 30-03-2016

In this episode we discuss some of the ways that successful Restaurants are increasing the number of customers that walk into your Restaurant. If you have a restaurant with a lot of passing traffic, you won’t want to miss this podcast.  What is the best way to construct a happy hour offer, what role does your menu play in increasing… More »

What the first drone US drone delivery means for Restaurant Drone Delivery.

Date: 26-03-2016

Fortune is reporting that the first drone delivery has been carried out in the United States.  This paves the way for Restaurant Drone Delivery which will make a massive impact for Restaurants around the world.  This is the first delivery that has been federally sanctioned drone delivery in an urban area and was flown without the aid of a human… More »

Tripadvisor fake reviews

Date: 21-03-2016

I received an email this week from Tripadvisor encouraging reviews to be written about Restaurants that I have never visited.  Tripadvisor fake reviews create a lot of stress for Restaurant owners, with many not knowing how to respond to them. It is also a big concern for Restaurant owners that Tripadvisor is soliciting for Reviews in this way – the… More »

16 – How to market a Fish and Chip Shop

Date: 16-03-2016

We look at ways that Fish and Chip shop owners can find new customers and turn them into repeat customers and the ways which a Restaurant owner can market a fish and chip shop.  This is not just for Fish and Chip shop owners, but covers a range of ideas that work really well for other types of cuisines such… More »

Why Restaurant SEO is like cooking a Souffle

Date: 09-03-2016

Souffles are something that I really struggle with.  I follow the recipe closely, I set the oven temperature just right, I try not to beat the egg whites too much, but the result is usually a complete disaster.  The kitchen is a mess, there is very little rising in the souffle and the taste is usually ordinary at best.  It… More »

Competing against Menulog, Delivery Hero and Just Eat: A guide for Take Aways

Date: 13-03-2016

Competing against Menulog and other Online Ordering companies is a big task for many Restaurant owners, but Take Away has always been an important source of revenue for many restaurants and for some Restaurants it is the main source of revenue.  Take out revenue is great because each take out customer is a lot easier to serve, there is no… More »