Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 levers for Restaurant profitability and 5 free ways to increase them

Date: 18-11-2016

We look at Living Social being bought by Groupon.  This is a good thing because there is now 1 less daily deals company.  For a lot of Restaurants, daily deals are a very dangerous process, and often a symptom We talk about an $8.38 marketing campaign that filled a cafe in Western Australia with customers buying their highest margin item.… More »

Groupon buys LivingSocial – What does it mean for your Restaurant.

Date: 11-11-2016

Multiple sources have reported that Groupon agreed to buy LivingSocial, one of their tough competitors in the daily deals via email war, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition posted the quiet exit of LivingSocial, which was partly owned by and was once worth over $US1 billion during its peak. The acquisition, however did not sit well with Groupon investors… More »

OpenTable Alternatives force Priceline to scale back expansion

Date: 10-11-2016

Multiple articles today are reporting that Priceline will scale back their investment and expansion for it’s online booking service, OpenTable as the number of OpenTable alternatives increase and limit growth rates out of the United States. OpenTable is the dominant player in the United States, but has struggled to gain market share outside of it’s home country.  Based in California,… More »