Monthly Archives: February 2017

Sunday, Holiday penalty rates slashed to match Saturday levels

Date: 24-02-2017

Fast food, hospitality, retail and pharmacy workers will have their Sunday and public holiday pay rates reduced as ruled by the Fair Work Commission who announced it Thursday, 23 February 2017. But the rates will not be as low as Saturday pay rates being asked by Employer groups,  clarified by Justice Iain Ross, Commission president. The Commission had decide to… More »

The Age releases special investigation into poor profits by franchisees and underpayment of wages at Dominoes Pizza.

Date: 11-02-2017

The Age  has released a special report into Domino’s Pizza and how the pressure that they put on franchisees results in underpayment of wages for employees. This is an important story, because many in the industry see Dominoes as the price leader and see pressure to provide meals for customers at prices which are unsustainable.   Just yesterday I was talking… More »

37 – Restaurant Innovation and Creativity

Date: 07-02-2017

In this podcast we look at Restaurant Innovation and Creativity. What is Restaurant Innovation?  How can you innovate and what techniques are there to help you be more creative in your restaurant? The times, they are a changing.  Customers are changing, tastes are changing, dining experiences are changing, competition is changing and the players in the industry are changing. I… More »