Monthly Archives: March 2017

40 – Restaurant Leadership – How to be a better leader in your Restaurant.

Date: 25-03-2017

Many of the problems in Restaurants that we see come down to issues with Leadership.  Restaurant Leadership is something that isn’t taught, most people pick it up on the job, so we will go through some tools to help with your Restaurant Leadership. What is the definition of Leadership and in particular Restaurant Leadership. Restaurant Autopsy.  One of the Restaurants… More »

The Best Restaurant Chalkboard Ads

Date: 07-03-2017

A witty restaurant chalkboard ad can stop you in your tracks and choose to dine in that establishment among the many other restaurants in the area. Chances are, other passers-by will take a picture and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then it will go viral. Either way, it’s definitely a win for the restaurant to grab your attention… More »

38 – How to buy a Restaurant and the common traps to avoid

Date: 01-03-2017

Make sure you check out the Restaurant Innovation podcast.  This is our most popular podcast this so far this year and it goes into the processes that can help you be more productive in your Restaurant. Ideas to buy a Restaurant In this podcast, we talk to Robbie Doyle from Buy Grow Sell a Business. Robbie has been a chef… More »