About Marketing 4 Restaurants

Marketing4Restaurants helps Restaurants find new customers and return them into repeat customers. Our team is passionate about helping Restaurant owners run Small Business that are profitable and fun. Too many Restaurant owners work too many hours for too little pay. There are many big companies that prey on the Restaurant industry and we provide the tools to help Restaurant owners compete on a level playing field.

Our Founder, and host of the Secret Sauce Restaurant Marketing podcast has been building online businesses since 2008. In fact he has built 1 online business that receives over 180,000 visits per month and generates 1.2 million page views. He has an MBA and a passion for helping Restaurant owners build successful business that allow them to make more money whilst working less hours.

Why is Marketing4Restaurants Different?

Our customers own single restaurants or a small chain and don’t have all of the resources of the big chains. We are passionate about using cool technology to help level the playing field so for you.

7 Reasons Marketing4Restaurants is different:

  1. We only work with Restaurants and Take Outs. That’s it. It is our speciality, our passion and that makes a big difference.
  2. Smart Marketing: We provide our customers with Big data for Small business insights. By collecting all of the data from all of the restaurants we work with, we know what works and what doesn’t. Half your marketing works and ½ doesn’t – we know which is which.
  3. Our customers are Restaurants. A lot of companies say they have restaurants as customers, but they don’t really. They have consumers who are looking for a cheap meal, or to make a booking or order Take Out. They use you for order fulfilment and you rent their database. We don’t have a consumer database, we never email your customers, except on your behalf. Some of these services are one of the biggest causes for a decrease in customer loyalty.
  4. Our experience: We travel the world looking for the best Restaurant Marketing ideas – San Francisco, Sydney, Taipei, Chengdu, Beijing, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Manila, Chicago and Brisbane. All very different markets, all have Restaurant marketing challenges, and all have a lot of different ways of finding more restaurant customers and turning them into repeat customers. We are out and about tracking these techniques down and sharing them with our customers.
  5. Great Restaurant SEO. We’ve been to Google’s HQ and we work hard to do 2 things for our Restaurant customers – make sure they are found for keywords and more importantly, make sure they have the right keywords. The right keywords that lead to more customers. That is really important.
  6. Benchmarking. Every month our customers get a report showing them how much traffic they got to their website. Nothing unusual there, except we benchmark you against other Restaurants. All of our customers know if they are in the Top 10% or Below Average. We also provide tips to help you grow that.
  7. We listen. Many of the features that we have built and offer to our customers have been things that Restaurants owners have asked for, helped develop and provided feedback on. In a lot of ways this is the Restaurant Marketing system that you would design for yourself, because it has input from hundreds of Restaurant owners just like you.
  8. Free tools. We provide Restaurant owners with Free Tools, like our Free Online Restaurant Booking System and the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system. Both of these are free. We offer them because we know that a marketing database is a critical part of your marketing plan and we are online people. We built these features pretty easily and give them away so that you can use these tools and get to know us, and understand that we really want you to be successful in your Restaurant. Have a few more customers, make a little more money and maybe work a few less hours. Or maybe a lot – it’s up to you.

(I know that there are 8 reasons, but that is how we roll, we always aim to underpromise and over deliver.)

Because you don’t want to be the best Restaurant that no one has heard off. To find out about how the team at Marketing4Restaurants can help you, sign up for one of our products.