Secret page – DAY 6: Send an email

One of the most effective and cheapest way to market is via email. This way, you can communicate your message to your customers in a manner that you are most comfortable with. You can control everything that goes in that email and it is somewhat personal because, keep in mind, that when the email is being read it’s just you and your customer.

Why email marketing?

  • Another way to get people in your restaurant.
  • Very cheap to use.
  • You can come up with a great subject line, avoid the spammy words.

You can manage your restaurant’s marketing life via the Marketing Central, which includes¬† SMS and email marketing (pictured below).

Another great way to send emails to your existing, loyal customers is via Mailchimp, which offers a free plan that allows you to send 12,000 total emails per month to a total of up to 2,000 email addresses.

Why email marketing?

Benefits of email marketing:

1. Zero to minimal costs

2. Increasing customer retention. According to an ebook from Gourmet Marketing, 70% of customers want restaurants to send them coupons and are prepared to use them.

3. If done properly, your small restaurant can compete with big chain restaurants with big budgets.

Restaurant email marketing ideas:

  • Coupons – Because who wouldn’t want a free glass of wine or side dish on their next visit to your restaurant?
  • Drool-worthy food photos or #foodporn
  • Tips from your chef – Include recipes, cooking tips, shopping advice, etc.


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