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Listen to marketing ideas, strategies and tactics from Restaurant Marketing experts. We take marketing lessons learned from around the world and delivery them in Secret Sauce – The Restaurant Marketing Podcast.  Learn Restaurant Marketing in your car while driving to work!  This is the easiest way to learn about restaurant marketing and discover many of the ways we help Restaurants to find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Every month we sift through the data from millions of dollars of Restaurant bookings and orders to work out what works in Restaurant Marketing and what doesn’t.  We share that information in Secret Sauce.

Best of all, many of the techniques we discuss are free, quick and easy to implement so you can start increasing revenue and profit today!

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122 – The Restaurant Innovation and Creativity Model

Episode- 122 A model for Restaurant innovation and creativity 768x384
In this episode ,we've talked about Restaurant Creativity and Innovation and we've been working with a lot of creative chefs and innovative Restaurant owners.  

121 – 7 steps for Menu Engineering in your Restaurant

Menu Engineering in your Restaurant
We look at Menu Engineering and how it can be applied in a small Restaurant.  We show you the easy tips you can use to increase revenue with your menu, and more importantly, how to increase profit with our 7 step process to Menu Engineering.

120 – Influencer Marketing for your Restaurant

Episode 120 Influencer Marketing For Your Restaurant
Technology changes everything. With the rise of social media, rules and tricks become everchanging. Are your followers your right kind of people? Who are the influencers, what can they do for your Restaurant and should you use them?  We discuss this hot topic

119 – The Real Reasons Why Restaurants Close

Episode 119: The Real Reasons Restaurants are Closing
We've come up with the reasons why restaurants close. We look at the factors why restaurants shut down in Sydney from economic reasons to poor marketing.

117 – Everything you want to know about Restaurant Metrics but were afraid to ask!

Restaurant Metrics
We discuss restaurant cashflow. How can you track it, and how can you influence it? This is probably one of the most important metrics that people should track, but often it is not tracked at all, or in the level of detail that you should be tracking.

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