Boosting Online Presence: From 1,000 to 4,000 monthly website visits increased restaurant sustainability.

About Paymasters restaurant

Paymasters is a historic restaurant in the East End of Newcastle. Since 1987, this structure, a remarkable example of Georgian architecture.

Paymaster’s is in a State Heritage Significance region. It is a small sanctuary that is close to Newcastle, New South Wales’s bustling central business district. Located on the Foreshore Park, with a view of Newcastle Harbour’s bustling and attractive harbor.

The previous version of Paymaster’s website lacked content and was difficult to use. It receives little traffic and has no SEO. Customers receive was inconvenient. They faced challenges such as a lack of new customers, an inefficient reservation process, limited customer data, and difficulty standing out in a competitive market.

The objectives for Paymasters: improve website design and user experience, develop a content strategy, implement SEO, increase convenience for customers, and provide tools to collect and analyze customer data.


For Paymaster’s Restaurant, Our team implemented a comprehensive solution that aimed to improve website design, increase customer convenience, collect and analyze customer data, and increase brand awareness.

  • Improved website design and user experience
  • Content strategy development, including blog posts, videos, and other relevant content
  • Search engine optimization to improve website visibility and attract more traffic
  • Online booking and ordering features to increase convenience for customers
  • Collection and analysis of customer data for targeted marketing campaigns and improved customer experience


The new website has attracted new diners and encouraged repeat business, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the website’s improved design and functionality. Compared to their old website, which received less than 1,000 monthly visitors, the new website now averages 4,000 monthly visitors, indicating a significant increase in traffic.

Furthermore, Paymasters has generated $1.2M worth of online reservations using FORBS, an online reservation system integrated into the website. The system has captured customer data that can be retargeted for future restaurant promotions, making it a valuable marketing tool.

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