At last, an OpenTable alternative that is completely free.  Many restaurants love the flexibility of being able to take bookings 24/7 on their own website, but either don’t want to pay per month, per seat or per table, or they are looking to build their database and not someone else’s.  Still others are trying to get out of the restaurant Adwords Arbitrage trap that can cost them a tens of thousands of dollars every year.  OpenTable was ground breaking in 1998 but charging monthly fees + per seat is so 2005.

OpenTable destroying restaurant profits

Tired of OpenTable eating into your Restaurants profits?

Advantages of the Free Online Restaurant Booking System:

  1. It’s free. Now and forever 🙂
  2. Allows you to take bookings 24/7 365 days a year
  3. Spend more time with customers and less time on the phone
  4. Decrease errors with the tradition reservations book
  5. Automatically build your own customer email database
  6. Stop sharing your customer details with third parties who email your customers with offers to other restaurants!
  7. It’s completely free!  (I know we have repeated ourselves, but for Restaurants paying $10,000 or more a year to take bookings online, it is a pretty important feature.)

The Free Online Restaurant Booking System has taken over $20,000,000 in bookings in 10 countries (and growing).  We have some restaurants saving over $1,000 a month with FORBS.

If your looking for a free OpenTable alternative or looking to take online bookings for the first time, sign up today for the Free Online Restaurant Booking System and give it a try.

Free Online Restaurant Booking System FAQ

  1.  Why is it free?  This was the number 1 feature that our customers were asking for.  We built it and gave it to our customers and then decided to give it away.  If you are looking for marketing help or a website, we’d like to think that you would consider us first, but apart from that it is free.  We have restaurants who aren’t our customers who have used this for 3 years.
  2. Does FORBS do table management?  No :(.  Not yet, we are looking at a range of options to provide a best of best table management solution that integrates with FORBS.
  3. Can I email the contacts in FORBS?  Yes.  This is free for the first 2,000 contacts.  Email is the easiest way to increase revenue in a restaurant with zero cost.
  4. Who has access to the email addresses?  Only you.  They are your customers, not ours.  We will only send emails to the customers on your behalf.  (Feedback and booking reminders and if we are helping you with marketing your restaurant).  This is a big difference between us and most of our competitors.