Restaurant Online Ordering System

We’re taking thousands of orders every month for Restaurants in the US, UK and Australia. 

Low-Cost Solution for Restaurant Online Ordering

If You’re looking to cut the costs of your online orders, check out Restolo, the Restaurant OnLine Ordering System.

Our low commission is perfect for pickup only, order direct and save or a blend of strategies to maximise your take out and delivery business.

We are focused on supporting Restaurant profitability, and we understand that 35% from delivery aggregators is unsustainable.

If you are looking to cut the costs of your online orders, check out RESTOLO, the Restaurant OnLine Ordering System.

With RESTOLO, you can avoid monthly support fees, customer transaction fees, marketing fees, and high-cost commission fees.

We prioritize restaurant profitability and recognize that relying on delivery aggregators and paying them 35% is unsustainable.

Education on Restaurant Marketing

RESTOLO Key Features:


  • Free website included
  • Take credit card payments
  • Use the built-in Customer Loyalty system
  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited orders
  • Save staff time spent on the phones
  • Supports the Epsom TM-82i docket printer
  • See how your online orders are going from your mobile phone
  • Collect customer emails
  • Low 5% commission + payment gateway fees 
  • Commission-free for Cash Orders 
  • Supports FORBS



  • Gives you a platform to tell your own story

  • Control image of your restaurant

  • Strengthens your brand

  • Take control of your online orders and table bookings

  • Makes your restaurant easier to find

  • Informs your customer about your opening hours

  • Differentiates your restaurant from your competitors

  • Increases your online presence