Join Restaurant owners like Reddy Yangtesh from Chalisa Restaurant in Tuggeranong in Canberra, Australia.  He is saving over $1,000 a month after converting almost all of his regular customers from Menulog to the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.

“Our Restaurant has taken over 5,000 orders using FROLO and converted many of them to repeat customers, in fact over 2/3 of our orders come from repeat customres.  Using FROLO we have saved over  $39,000 and collected over 2,600 contact details.  Overall it’s a whopping 1180% Return on Investment for us!”

Save Menulog Commission
Reddy Yangtesh from Chalisa has saved over $39,000 in commission from Menulog by using FROLO.


With FROLO you will enjoy all of these benefits for your online ordering.

  • No contracts – customers use us because they love us!
  • See how your online orders are going from your mobile
  • Save staff time spent on the phones
  • Unlimited orders. No hidden charges
  • Cut down on order taking errors
  • Take orders 24/7
  • Supports Epson TM-82-i printer for Customer and Kitchen dockets
  • Build your Customer Email database
  • Analyse customer purchase patterns with the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph.

Marketing4Restaurants Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System (FROLO) helps restaurants who offer take out and delivery from their restaurant to quickly and easy take orders online from their own website with no fees and no sharing of customer details.

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Restaurant Delivery Address Map
Seeing deliveries addresses on a map allows Restaurants to track effectiveness of local marketing campaigns and create efficiencies for delivery drivers


Restaurant order time heat map
Our heatmap shows how important taking online orders is even when the restaurant is closed and also how good opening on a Monday is when everyone else is closed. Better data for small Restaurants.