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There are 3 things types of services that we offer to Chefs and Restaurant owners.

  1. Training. Designed to help you become a better restaurant marketer. Too many times do great restaurants lose out to average restaraurants that have great marketing. Our tools include our Secret Sauce – Restaurant Marketing podcast, which you can listen to each week and learn all of the techniques we use to help our customers grow their database, and lastly, the Restaurant Marketing Blog. Keep up to date with all the latest techniques and changes in the Restaurant marketing world with the Restaurant Marketing blog.
  2. Free Tools to Grow your business. We have built two awesome tools to help you save money and build your customer databases.The Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System – Take online restaurant orders on your own website without being charged per month or per order. The only fee is if you use a 3rd party gateway for payments. Everything else is completely free and best of all, your customers contact details feed into your customer database, not someone else’s. The Free Online Restaurant Booking System – Take Restaurant bookings online without any fees, no monthly fees, no per seat fees and no per table fees. All completely free and best of all, you are building your customer database, not someone else’s. Both FROLO and FORBS are disrupting the online Restaurant industry. Too many online companies have thought that it is OK to charge you to take bookings or orders on your own website. Both are available to all restaurants all over the world whether you have a website with us or not.

    And one more thing… The Free Restaurant Gift Certificate System – Improves your cash flow, increases margin and feeds into the Free Restaurant CRM system so you can build the email database of all your great customers. Make sure you are getting your fair share of the Mother’s Day and Birthday revenue that is being spent by your customers today.

  3. The Best Restaurant Websites. Your website is the centre of all of your online marketing strategies. Facebook, email, twitter and SEO all point to your website. Your run a great restaurant so you want a great website. All of our websites have the following benefits:
Great SEO SEO help your restaurant get found in Google. We’ve travelled to San Francisco to Google’s Headquarters to meet their Search Engineers to ensure we get the best SEO for your restaurant.
Optimised for mobile Over 50% of traffic for a Restaurant website is from a mobile or tablet. Google prefers to send mobile traffic to mobile optimised traffic, so it is critically important that your restaurant website is optimised for mobile.
Facebook and Twitter Integration Our Marketing Central console provides you with access to all of the marketing tools that you need.
Email Marketing Email marketing to your customers is one of the most cost effective ways .
Automated Marketing Segment your customers based on their purchasing patterns and target the right customers with the right offers. Best of all it happens automatically.
SMS Marketing Want to use SMS to reach customers? If you have cell phone numbers in your database you are ready to start. (Extra charges apply)
Birthday Campaigns Birthdays are a great way to increase the average table size because no one wants to celebrate alone. Build your database of birthdates and watch the parties come in.
FROLO and FORBS  Want to take bookings or orders online? Our websites integrate seamlessly with our Free Online Restaurant Booking System and Free Restaurant OnLine Order System.
Gift Certificate System  Sell Gift Certificates to your Restaurant quickly and easily without any fees or charges.
Edit your own website You shouldn’t be calling your web developer and waiting for changes to be made and then being charged for it. We give you access to your own website so that you can make alterations any time you want to. Keeping your website up to date is quick and easy and a great way to increase SEO rankings and customer engagement.
Online Feedback Take Feedback online on your own website. Publish the great feedback and manage the bad feedback. Feedback, good and bad, is critical to running any Restaurant, but you don’t want your dirty laundry published where you can’t control it.
Smart Data We provide our customers cutting edge metrics that are compared against industry averages. This shows you how your Restaurant Marketing compares against your competitors and gives you an unfair advantage. Our Big Data for Small Restaurants is a great way to get a better understanding about what you need to be doing to better market your Restaurant. If you only spend 1 hour per month on your marketing, we can tell you where to spend that time to make the most impact.