169 – 7 most common Restaurant Marketing mistakes

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A lot of businesses thrive or die depending on the amount of marketing done. Here are some common mistakes we’ve observed that hinder most businesses:

Zero marketing
One of the most basic mistakes is simply not doing any marketing at all. Some believe that the product would be enough to carry the name around but that is still lost potential customers.

Not utilizing online functionality
Establishing your online presence and of course, having it felt is a great way to reach more customers.

Facebook marketing
Attached to having an online presence, having something unique to offer is important. Be it a unique way of selling, unique offerings like vegetarian dishes, or even a theme for your restaurant.

Not increasing price
Inflation is an ever changing beast and your business has to make a profit. Love it or hate it, your business must increase its prices to maintain a good profit margin.

Email marketing
This is a more personal way to connect with your customers. Having personal emails sent to them makes them feel closer and special than ads that are cast out in a wide net.

Substandard visuals
A picture paints a thousand words and that rings true here. Capturing good photos and videos is made simple especially by current phones.

Staff Training
Having great staff is vital to running a successful business since they prepare the product and of course, face the customers.

No marketing plan
Having a marketing plan requires quite a bit of knowledge and foresight to properly make plans. These should include things like special events for holidays or even create your own.

Hopefully this episode has given some insight on how to avoid said mistakes.
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