167 – Restaurant Trends 2023 for Restaurant Profitability


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Running a restaurant is hard. Let alone a small and budding one. Here to hopefully help you with certain aspects and decisions in running a successful restaurant, we are offering a few insights on what may or may not be good business decisions in regards to the restaurant business.

Following up on the previous topic where we discussed restaurant trends we may see in 2023, we will cover a few more trends that we believe will shape the restaurant business landscape this year.


# 4 Automating Certain Work Areas

There are a couple of reasons why going this route could possibly save you some trouble. Listen in to learn more.


#5 Adapting a People-First Approach in your Restaurant

Although the previous trend suggests automation, there is still a lot of value in having staff with a pleasant personality and good work ethic.


#6 Polarization of the Market

Market polarization is a complex topic that requires some insight and research. The data will differ from area to area since it is hyper local.


#7 Having a Specialization

Specializing your restaurant is a big decision that would have a long-lasting impact. It will be the main reason certain types of people would go to your restaurant. You can even do multiple specializations like a steak restaurant that focuses on being gluten-free.


#8 Engineering an Experience

A popular concept that has been making the rounds is paying for the experience. Listen in to learn more.


#9 Properly Marketing your Restaurants

You need to give a clear vision and specialization that is also easy to understand by your customers.


That is it for now, we will be covering the last two trends in our next podcast. Tune in to our social feeds to be updated with our latest content.

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