How to build the most popular Chinese Restaurant Facebook Page with Grace Choy

Date: 08-05-2017

Chinese Restaurant Facebook page

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Described as the Iron Lady of Hong Kong Private Dining, we talk to Grace Choy, the Chef from Choy Choy’s Kitchen.   From humble beginnings, she has been able to develop a formidable social media presence.

We talk about the our Comparison Research between Dimmi, Quandoo, OpenTable, Tock, Obee and the Free Online Restaurant Booking System.  We think that email sharing is one of the biggest reasons for decreasing customer loyalty.  Some booking systems keep your emails private and some don’t.  It is important to know what happens to your customers emails once they make a booking.

Grace is very humble, but her passion for cooking shows through in the videos that she produces and that has enabled to build up the largest Facebook following of any Chinese Restaurant on Facebook.

Grace has an amazing social media following:

She has 41,871 followers on Linkedin and 431,703 followers on Facebook.

The important lessons from Grace are:

1.  The power of Facebook Videos; and

2.  The power of using Facebook Video to show your passion.

Grace is very passionate about her cooking and that shows through in the way that she comes across on the videos.  It is so important to be yourself and do things that you are passionate about, and Grace does that very well.

Grace manages her own Facebook, and responds to everyone on the Facebook page.

Her 20 seat Restaurant is booked out 2 weeks in advance.  She focueses on fresh food and treating people as family.  She also has pre bookings to cut down on no shows.

Grace was the first Twitter Verified Chef’s in Greater China, even though she has only tweeted 68 times!  and now has 21,500 followers on Twitter.

Her Facebook following has been the basis for a large amount of free PR that Grace has received, including a short Youtube Video that tells her story.
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