Menulog alternative – FROLO sees revenue increase of 39% month on month

Free Menulog Alternative

March has seen the largest growth in revenue for the free Menulog alternative, the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system (FROLO).  The order value increased 39% month on month adjusted for the longer month in March.  More restaurants have been signing on and Restaurants have been getting their customers to order direct and save money.

Free Menulog Alternative

Our Free Menulog alternative is becoming increasing popular with restaurants looking to cut costs or take control of their own marketing.

An increasing number of Restaurants are moving to FROLO for the 3 key advantages that it offers.

  1.  It is free, no monthly fees, no per order fees, no fees.  This makes a big difference to the bottom line for many restaurants, especially as Menulog is pushing to increase commission for some Restaurants to 15%
  2. It builds the Restaurants database of emails.  Menulog has been famous for not providing the emails of the Restaurants customers and this has been a massive disadvantage for Restaurants wanting to build their own brand online.
  3. Payments are handled by Stripe, which is a lot quicker to pay the Restaurants than Menulog.  Just Eat, the Menulog parent makes a point of how strong their cashflow is, because they take the payment from the customer, and can delay paying the Restaurant.  Cashflow is tight for the majority of Restaurant customers.

This happened all before Menulog revealed that they had exposed the customer details of 1.1 million customers.  They do not know how many restaurants where able to view the 1.1 million email addresses or if they were downloaded for marketing purposes by any restaurants.  The blog article that Menulog released in response to the data breach talked about respecting customer privacy, but there was no mention of the impact on Restaurants, because Menulog’s business model is to put themselves between the Restaurant and their customers and to build their own database of emails (the restaurants do not get the email addresses of their own customers!) and a history of customer purchasing habits.  It is then able to conduct email marketing campaigns to drive orders to a range of local restaurants.

The Free Menulog Alternative

FROLO, the Free Menulog Alternative which last month grew orders almost 40% for our customers is available to Marketing4Restaurants customers free of charge, but more importantly, it is available to any restaurant FREE OF CHARGE, who wants to take orders online, build an email database, and get the cash for their orders in their bank quicker, all without sharing customer details with a third party which sends marketing emails with offers from other Restaurants.

Sign up today and start taking orders with the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.

Restaurant Online Ordering with no fees – just the way it should be.

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