110 – Cutting costs for your Restaurant Online Ordering system

restaurant online ordering

This episode we discuss cutting costs for your Restaurant Online Ordering system.We continue on with our discussion on increasing profitability with online ordering.

We look at decreasing costs with companies like Menulog, Just Eat, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo.

Should you use UberEats or Deliveroo?  Which one is better for your Restaurant?

What is the long term prospects for Menulog?  We discuss where we think this will go.

We quickly discuss Coffee Coke and what it should get you thinking about in your Restaurant.

We look at the difference between order aggregators and delivery aggregators and how Restaurant brandjacking and the importance of maintaining your restaurant intellectual property and your brand.

How are Restaurants cutting the costs of working with order aggregating companies like Menulog and Just Eat, which can charge up to 13.5%?

How are restaurants cutting the costs of dealing with delivery aggregating companies like UberEats and Deliveroo?

If your kitchen can handle the increased throughput, then pick up only may be a great way to get incremental sales.  Managing the deliveries can be difficult, so pick up enables you to maximise revenue through the kitchen without the worries of managing delivery.

How does the concept of the ‘individual contractor’ work and how are UberEats and Deliveroo using this concept to attempt to redefine the way that delivery is made and what will be the impact for your Restaurant?  We discuss the way that this creates an unfair playing field for independent Restaurants.  The real innovation for delivery aggregators is the ability to pay below the award wage.  With delivery aggregators hoping to redefine the eating experience, moving the bulk of it into the home, rather than the restaurant, it creates a dilemma for Restaurants.

Just Eat is now offering delivery in an attempt to resist the assault from Restaurants moving to Free Online Ordering Systems and from UberEats and Deliveroo.

For details on the Free Restaurant Online Ordering system, check out the FROLO site.  Some customers are saving over $1,000 a month!!! in order aggregator fees, which means they can give themselves a pay rise, create a marketing budget, and invest a little more into the Restaurant.

Some Restaurants use the hybrid model, using aggregators for new customers and offer them an ‘order direct and save’ campaign that converts each new customer to a regular customer of their Restaurant.

Think differential pricing depending on the channel and whether it is delivery and think about how your menu presents when eaten in customers’ home.

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