Episode 99: Unleash Linkedin Magic

99 – Restaurant Marketing with Linkedin

Episode 99: Unleash Linkedin Magic

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We look at how you can improve your Linkedin Profile.  This is something that you want to do before you start actively posting, because people will start looking at your profile and you want to have the best profile possible.

The next step is to start building your Linkedin network.  Who should you connect with and who should you avoid?

How can you increase the success rate with the connection requests that you send?

What is the importance of having over 500 connections?  Why is this an important metric?

How much time should you spend in Linkedin?

We look at how Linkedin works for Corporate events.  This can be a real sweet spot, with businesses looking to do Corporate events.  These are less price sensitive and generally run events midweek, which can be really profitable for a restaurant.

We look at building multi-channel marketing strategies with Linkedin as one of those channels.

Are you a Restaurant Thought Leader?

We then discuss what you should be posting up on Linkedin.

Creating posts that demonstrate your knowledge and your skill is really important.  Videos, of course, are a big opportunity as well.  The better the post, the more engagement you will have.  Tag people into the post.  Show of your skills and your knowledge, or share news from the industry with your take on it.  

The feedback that you get from the Analytics in Linkedin gives you a really good idea about what is with your audience.

We finish with a really cool trick that you can use in Linkedin.  Have a listen.  Not a lot of people know about it and it can be a real game changer!

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