Episode 6 – Restaurant Marketing Lessons from San Francisco

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We look at Restaurant Marketing from the customers perspective as we go in search of great restaurants with great marketing to help you better understand how customers are looking for places to eat.  This episode covers our last trip to San Francisco, where we some some great marketing and eat at some great Restaurants.  More importantly, we look at some restaurants that we didn’t visit.  You rarely find out why a customer didn’t come in, but in this episode we discover some of the things that can make a customer go else where.

Links to resources mentioned in this Podcast

Qantas – Selecting meals before you fly to increase customer service and decrease wastage.

Harrow – Great little restaurant with a Happy Hour special that got us in and a well thought out menu.

Sabella and Torre – A destination seafood restaurant with great value crab rolls!

4505 Meats at the Farmers Market.  The Best Damn Cheeseburger.  Naming your meals is an important part of Menu Engineering.

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