Restaurant Marketing Strategy Plan

Need to update your Restaurant Marketing Plan?


  • Need a Restaurant Marketing Plan?
  • Need to work on your Marketing Strategy?
  • Planning on opening a Restaurant and want a Marketing plan to start off  right?
  • Need a Marketing Plan that actually generates more customers?


Restaurant Marketing Plan

Why not work with the best Restaurant Marketing team to spice up your Restaurant Marketing plan?

To many Restaurants run without a Restaurant Marketing Strategy to guide them to how to market, which channels to market through.

You don’t want to have the best Restaurant that no one has ever heard of.

Too many Restaurant owners work too many hours with very little life outside their Restaurant and too often they are earning less per hour than the bottle washer.  They struggle to provide Great Food, Great Value and Great Experiences for their customers, but they struggle against Restaurants with Great Marketing which provide average food, poor value and/or ordinary experiences.  The Restaurant Marketing Strategy Plan is specifically designed for Restaurant Owners with Great Restaurants who need that assistance to get the word out about their awesome Restaurant.

Our Restaurant Marketing Strategy Plans are designed to

  1. Review what you are doing now and how effective it is.
  2. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Create a plan for growth.
  4. Train and Mentor you around implementing your growth plan.

Have you listened to Secret Sauce – The Restaurant Marketing Podcast?  If not, then we suggest you download a couple of episodes and see just what kind of ingredients we use in our Secret Sauces for Restaurant Success.

Listen to Secret Sauce to understand the ingredients we use in our Restaurant Marketing Plans.

The Restaurant Marketing Strategy Plan usually takes place over 1 or 2 weeks.

  1.  Initial strategy discussion:  We will talk to you about your Restaurant, the cuisine, target market, current marketing plan if any, and most importantly, what your goals are for the Restaurant.  We will look at your Marketing Budget and tailor a solution around what budget, if any, you have.  Many of the best Restaurant marketing ideas are free.
  2. Review of the current marketing:  We will look at your Google Analytics, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Email Marketing.  We look at the type of customers you are engaging with and how they respond to your marketing.
  3. The Restaurant Marketing Action Plan:  We will come up with a detailed list of actions that you can take quickly.
  4. Restaurant Marketing Training and Mentoring.  
  5. Marketing Plan Review.  4 weeks after the plan, we will follow up with you to ensure that you understand the processes that we have outlined and have been able to carry our some of the marketing ideas that we have suggested.


At the end of the Restaurant Marketing Strategy Plan you’ll receive the following:

  • A scorecard of your current online marketing activities, with benchmarking against the important KPIs for your Restaurant.
  • A Restaurant SWOT Analysis with actions to maximise your strengths, minimise your weaknesses, seize the opportunities and avoid the threats.
  • A 1 hour training session on the activities highlighted in the Restaurant Marketing Action plan so that you can implement an ongoing marketing plan that drives more customers to your Restaurant and turns them into repeat customers.

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