Secret page – DAY 5: Run an ad on Facebook

Too few restaurants run ads on Facebook, although most posts get very little traction without running an ad.

We talk about the budget and the targeting when running an ad on Facebook. To know more, enrol in the Basic Facebook Marketing course at M4R University where you’ll learn how to market your Restaurant and run your very first ad on Facebook.

In today’s Facebook landscape, it’s generally accepted to spend money on marketing. But when it comes to marketing your restaurant on Facebook, we highly recommend spending $2-3/day for a week on Facebook campaigns.

The good news is that only 5% of restaurants are running campaigns on Facebook. This only means that it’s your time to shine! With practically everyone on Facebook and just a teeny tiny fraction of them out there, your customer base can grow leaps and bounds. So, get there and reach out to your target audience!


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