Secret page – DAY 8: Rinse and repeat

Hooray – we made it through together!

The first time you do these things is the hardest.

So, let’s review the stuff

Know your numbers and try to get your Google Analytics data.

How often can you create a new menu item? How often can you iterate around something new in the Restaurant? You will keep it fresh, give happy customers a reason to come back.

Post something on Facebook, maybe a Facebook Live.

Your website, join the revolution and take back the power of your website. Make sure that Google knows about your niches.

Run an ad for Facebook. Sometimes you should be running an ad every week. The budgets are pretty low for Facebook ads.

How good is email marketing?? The easiest way to do yield utilisation for your restaurant.

How well did you go?

Now you’ve done the hard part, the trick is to rinse and repeat!


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