116 – 7 Essential Restaurant KPIs – how to measure them and how to influence them

KPI in Restaurants

Essential Restaurant KPIs -how to measure and influence them

KPIs need to be able to be measured, easily generated, don’t employ someone to do this, properly defined, communicated to everyone, we use confluence AND monitors with the data, Microsoft PowerBI. Share with everyone. Using tools like Microsoft PowerBI enables us to pull information from our Line of Business apps, which in a Restaurant might be your POS system and provide information that can then be published.  That information can then be shared with your managers or even with your entire team.

Business Plan – What gets measured gets managed.

We discuss what the impact can be of setting a KPI and trying to manage.  Not all KPIs need to be managed, and just implementing processes to improve a KPI can actually improve the performance of the business.  You need to think about the metric, and how it impacts your customers and what it is meant to be in your business plan.  We have seen instances where a business process goes too far Customers * Transactions * Amount per Transaction = Revenue * Margin = Profit Customers / Day Revenue / Day Average Revenue / Customer What does the data that you create from these KPIs mean, and how can you impact. Have you thought about Revenue per Hour and the ways that you can improve each of these hours?  Each hour is a different battle and there are different tools to help you improve them. What is the process that you are using to get feedback from your Restaurant and how do you use it? Repeat customers – how do you track this?  We produce a Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph. For more information on this podcast, check out our show notes. If you liked this episode, please leave a review in iTunes.  It really helps us to get the word out and share it on our Facebook page. For Free Tools  to build your Restaurant business, check out our free tools page.  We’ve helped restaurants around the world build the Restaurant that they always wanted with our tools.  Our free booking tool has taken over $25,000,000 in seats booked.
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