136 – The Week That Every Restaurant Became An Entrepreneurial Startup

Episode 136- The Week That Every Restaurant Became An Entrepreneurial Startup

The Week That Every Restaurant Became an Entrepreneurial Startup.

Last episode, we went over a few quick and dirty Restaurant Marketing tactics that work.

Today, we discuss some key concepts in light of the worldwide disruption caused by COVID-19. We go into the biggest concerns businesses have and let you know about the current state of the restaurant industry. This includes restaurants improving their delivery and pick-up services. As every business right now essentially has to think like a startup, it is a time for major change.

We are going to be talking about three things: leadership, running like a startup, and the concept of runway.

For leadership, we go over vital acts you can do as a leader in this time of great economic upheaval. Then, we fill you in on how your business can adapt to effectively serve you, your employees, and your customers. Finally, we explore runway and go over effective strategies to employ to keep your business afloat during this time.

Have a listen to the podcast and see what concepts Restaurants have been dealing with this week.

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