Can’t get a table at the restaurant at the end of the world

Botaira Island, Fiji, a great restaurant for lunch, just make sure you book ahead!

Botaira Island, Fiji, a great restaurant for lunch, just make sure you book ahead!

Well it may not be the end of the Earth, but the restaurant at Botaira resort is certainly a long way from civilisation. We arrived their via a small boat that transferred us from the Yasawa flier, a big yellow catarman that sails out or Port Denaru. It is a 3 hour cruise to Botaira from Port Denaru, so pretty isolated.

After we arrived there was a brief welcome and off for a quick swim. The water was luke warm and crystal clear, a small concrete path leading out into the depths to protect the surrounding coral. Thousands of fish teemed in the water and the swim was fantastic. After an hour in the water we headed in, starting to get hungry.

The restaurant seated around 40 people, but it soon became evident from all the worried looks on the staff’s faces that there were not enough seats for everyone! An executive decision was made and packed lunches were supplied to a group that was heading out on a fishing charter.

The meal was an entrée of raw fish that had been marinated in Coconut milk, kokoda -really nice. Main was grilled local fish. Not as good as the entrée, but still quite nice. The kids dipped out with their main being a coolish battered piece of fish.

I was amazed that they could fill a restaurant in such a far off location. They have a couple of things going for them. Firstly, the location is fantastic. It is a really great place to eat. After finishing lunch we headed back for another swim, a few others lay on the pristine sand and others headed out for a snorkel. I got to chatting with a couple of girls that were canoeing around. They were studying Sustainability at the University of Georgia and had just spent a few weeks in Brisbane and were now staying at Botaira, looking at ecotourism, fishing, and other areas of sustainability.

So what I think the people at Botairu have done a great job of is linking in with other businesses to bring them captive diners, the people staying there and day trippers from the Yasawa flier. Simple food served in one of the best locations in the world!

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