63 – How to get a million Facebook Live views for your Restaurant with Wally from Mamas BBQ Chicken and Salad Bar

Date: 13-11-2017

Facebook live chicken video

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We talk to Wally from Mama’s BBQ Chicken and Salad Bar and the process he has used with Facebook Live videos to turn his business around.

The Chicken Shop wasn’t doing too well, some weeks needing to put money in to keep it running.  This is a problem that far too many Restaurant owners are all too familiar with.

To try and turn things around, Wally started doing some Facebook Live videos.  More people started watching and he started dancing on the videos.  Over time his followers built up and he now has over 2,000,000 views for his videos.

He has been featured on TV multiple times and dramatically turned around his business.

He has grabbed the slogan ‘Flavour, flavour, flavour,’ after mentioning it in one of his videos and seeing the reaction that people have had with it.

No script – just Wally’s passion for his food, his business, and his customers. These and Wally’s epic dancing skills 🙂 have created content that have gone viral with very little marketing spend. Very few of the videos are boosted, which is a testament to his passion and how he has tapped into what people want to see.  His videos have even been made into a rap song by one of his fans!

The effect on the business has been massive.  He has turned around a business that was late on making payments to tripling revenue and being a lot more successful.

This is a powerful story about how your Passion can really be the big difference in your Restaurant when you match it up with technology like Facebook Live.


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