The best way for Restaurants to cash convert Trade Dollars

Bartercard is a great solution for Restaurants.  There are many advantages for Restaurants who are using Bartercard, which is why it is so popular.

Bartercard Restaurant Marketing

Bartercard Advantages for Restaurants

  • Only customers using Bartercard know you are using Bartercard
  • It allows you to optimise for yield (specify bookings before a certain time or not accepting Bartercard on Saturday nights)
  • It gives you access to customers you would normally not have access to.  (Some people  use Bartercard  for 95% of their restaurant spend)
  • Bartercard customers are not price-sensitive
  • They can act as sources of word-of-mouth customers

Some Restaurants struggle to spend their Bartercard. Our experience with working with Bartercard Restaurants have shown that they are using their Trade Dollars for:

  • Wine suppliers – good quality wine purchased wholesale on Bartercard can be hard to find, but when you do, it is well worth it
  • Linen services
  • Cleaning
  • Perks for staff such as employee cards, corporate events, dinners out, we even do corporate massage days in our office
  • Holidays – We’ve spent thousands in Queenstown, including accommodations, car hire, food, alcohol and–best of all–helicopter hire!
  • Marketing – the number 1 marketing expense Restaurants can use is with Marketing4Restaurants.

The team at Marketing4Restaurants have been Bartercard Members for over 10 years.

  • We have Bartercard Restaurants as customers in three countries (Australia, New Zealand, and UAE – Dubai)
  • We have spent trade dollars in three countries.
  • We are Bartercard Platinum members with over $1,000,000 in trade.
  • We offer almost all of our services on Full Trade! (Any Facebook or Adwords marketing budgets need to be paid in cash)

Using your Bartercard is the easiest way to gain the skills of one of the World’s best Restaurant Marketing companies.

If you’ve got:

  • Excess trade dollars to spend;
  • Need more customers;
  • Want to take bookings online for free; or
  • Want to cut your online ordering fees

You should definitely contact us today.