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It is now the most popular Restaurant Marketing Podcasts in the world with tens of thousands of Chefs and Restaurant Owners listening to ways that they can find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Listen to marketing ideas, strategies and tactics from Restaurant Marketing experts. We take marketing lessons learned from around the world and delivery them in Secret Sauce – The Restaurant Marketing Podcast.  Learn Restaurant Marketing in your car while driving to work!  This is the easiest way to learn about restaurant marketing and discover many of the ways we help Restaurants to find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Every month we sift through the data from millions of dollars of Restaurant bookings and orders to work out what works in Restaurant Marketing and what doesn’t.  We share that information in Secret Sauce.

Best of all, many of the techniques we discuss are free, quick and easy to implement so you can start increasing revenue and profit today!

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5 levers for Restaurant profitability and 5 free ways to increase them

5 levers for Restaurant profitability and 5 free ways to increase them

31 – How to build a Free CRM system for your Restaurant

Free restaurant CRM system
A CRM system can help you dramatically increase the effectiveness of both the experience that you provide and the marketing that you do, but many CRM systems have expensive price tags. We look at some free tools you can use to start building a database.

Aligning your Restaurant’s Mission, Vision, Menu and Culture with your Passion with Adam Sobel from Cinnamon Snail

Adam Sobel Chef
We talk to Adam Sobel about how his amazing Food Trucks and Restaurants, what it is that he is trying to do with his food and how that makes a really powerful message.

Emergency Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

Emergency Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant
Restaurant food photos
Here is an example of a photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 - perfect for a restaurant website. Good lighting goes a long way for a great photo.

26 – 9 Common Reasons why Restaurants Fail

Restaurant Podcast
Is your Restaurant failing? Is your Restaurant Failing to help you meet the personal and business goals that you have set for yourself? We look at the most common reasons why restaurants fail, and we discuss some simple techniques to help you to avoid them.

25 – Getting 1 more hour a week to work on your Restaurant, not in it

Restaurant Productivity
We talk about Pokemon Go and why it is a signpost to one of the fundamental changes that is occurring for small businesses and Restaurants in particular.

19 – Smart Pizza Marketing with Pizza Marketing Expert Bruce Irving

Smart Pizza Marketing
We look at ways that Pizzerias are using smart marketing to be able to grow their businesses today.

Restaurant Marketing KPIs to increase your profitability

In this podcast we look at what the Key Performance Indicators are for your Restaurant Marketing. What gets measured gets managed, so we want to make sure that your are measuring the right KPIs in for your marketing.

17 – How to increase Restaurant Walk in Traffic

Restaurant walkins
For Restaurants on high traffic streets, every person walking past your Restaurant is a potential customer. What are you doing to increase your conversion rate of people walking by each day? We look at some of the ways that smart Restaurant owners are using to do exactly this and to increase their daily revenue.

16 – How to market a Fish and Chip Shop

Fish and Chip shop marketing plan
Many fish and chip shops are very busy on Saturday night, with long wait times for customers. We look at ways to manage this and ensure you don't lose any customers.

Episode 13 – What makes a Successful Restaurant with Eric Cacciatore

We talk to Eric Cacciatore about what are the critical factors for a successful Restaurant
We talk system, marketing, culture and leadership in this wide ranging podcast which will definitely have something for every Restaurant owner out there to find at least 1 great idea distilled from the experience of hundreds of restaurant owners.

Episode 12 – Marketing to grow your Online Orders

Increase your Online Take out orders with these marketing ideas.
How did one Restaurant owner spend $50 in online marketing and get $1,800 in orders in 1 night?

Episode 11 – Innovation and Inspiration for your Restaurant from the Sydney Fine Food Expo

Restaurant Innovation and Inspiration at the Sydney Fine Food Expo
We visit Fine Food Australia to look for ideas for your menu, ways to save money and ways to make more money in your Restaurant

Episode 10: Purpose and Culture in your Restaurant with Nick Sarillo

We discuss what is Culture, how to come up with your purpose and values, how it can help you with hiring and retention. We also discuss Open Book accounting - what is it, how does it work and how can it benefit your Restaurant.

Episode 9 – Lessons I learned from Alinea

Alinea Restaurant Marketing
We visited Alinea to deconstruct the experience and work out what you can do in your Restaurant to make it a better experience.

Innovation is the overarching theme for us at Alinea. The team at Alinea really are coming up with a lot of great ideas, many of which can inspire you in your restaurant.

Episode 8 – Great Restaurant Marketing in Charleston, South Carolina

Chatham Artillery Punch at  Edmund's Oast
We look at Restaurant Fitouts - is it worth spending all that money? We also look at some of the menu ideas that really work to draw customers in. We look at great customer service, great menu items and how Restaurants are using Bartercard to build their business.

Episode 7 – Restaurant Email Marketing Secrets

Discover the Secrets of the easiest and cheapest way to fill your Restaurant on the quiet nights.

Episode 6 – Restaurant Marketing Lessons from San Francisco

Restaurant Marketing from the customers perspective. What works and what doesn't in Restaurant Marketing - We learn some great Restaurant Marketing tips from San Francisco.

Episode 5: Database Marketing for Restaurants – No more quiet nights

Restaurant Database Marketing
Database marketing means an end to the quiet nights of the week in your Restaurant. Whether it is email marketing, SMS, or even direct mail, a Database creates a huge advantage for your Restaurant. It will even increase the value of your Restaurant when you want to sell it. We will cover what a database is, how to create and grow one and some of the ways you can use it to increase profitability in your Restaurant.

Secret Sauce Episode 4 – Content vs Design – Getting the balance right for your Restaurant Website

Many Restaurants have awesome looking websites. Many Restaurants pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on great looking websites, but many Restaurants don't have websites that are lead magnets, drawing in new customers day in and day out.

Episode 3: Basic Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

Facebook is the Number 1 Social Media Marketing platform for many Restaurants. We look at some of the mistakes that people make with their Facebook page and some great examples of Facebook tactics to build your Community. We also go through the different types of content that work well on Facebook. More importanmtly we talk about ways to generate that Facebook content as quickly and easily as possible.

Episode 2: SEO for Restaurant Websites

SEO is a critical part of any online marketing recipe.  It is also an area that many Restaurants lose thousands of customers a year becuase they haven't got it right.  Discover the Secret of Restaurant SEO and learn how you can improve the targeting of your customers quickly and easily with much better SEO for your Restaurant website.

Episode 1: 8 ways to make your Restaurant busy on a Tuesday night

We look at 8 ways that you can increase the numbers of customers to your Restaurant during the quiet times of the week. Joint venture marketing, theme nights, corporate customers and happy hours are all some of the ideas that we will be looking at and more to help you find new customers and turn them into repeat customers.

Episode 0: What is a Secret Sauce for a Restaurant?

Intro Episode: How do you find the Secret Sauce for your Restaurant and a little bit about the team from Who we are and why we do what we do for Restaurants. Together let’s find the ingredients for your Secret Sauce.

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