Micro Restaurants

Big restaurants have big costs.  The rent is high, the wage bill is enormous.  We think there will be an upswing on micro restaurants, focusing like a laser on a product that they can produce to a very high level of quality and at a great price.   Examples are Food Trucks and the Emapanda Kitchen in Queenstown.  Great food at a great price in an awesome location, means that these kinds of businesses have a greater chance of success with their lower wage and rent costs, giving them more flexibility.  We spoke to one micro restaurant owner and he said that it was the only restaurant he could afford, but he was now enjoying the fact that he had less HR issues and rent was easily covered each month.  Variations on this theme also include the popup restaurants, which take advantage of co-marketing with a location, destination or event.


Low overheads, no rent, low staff costs, location flexibility, great food.  What is not to love about running a premium food van.


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