OpenTable Australia to launch in December

Free Online Restaurant Booking System

After almost 12 months in preparation, it finally appears that OpenTable Australia will start taking bookings in Australia.  In September we wrote that OpenTable had announced the purchase of AS Digital.

The launch, which is reported in Hospitality Magazine, is probably a soft launch, given that the Open Table Australia website does not list any restaurants as being available for bookings yet.  It is reported that they have already signed up high profile restaurants including Rockpool, ARIA, Otto Ristorante and Jamie’s Italian.  This is the usual route for new entrants innto a market – to sign up a few high profile restaurants to try and create the impression that their product is a must have.  It has not been disclosed whether these restaurants are purchasing the OpenTable / Respak system, or whether they have been given free trials of the product.

What does it mean for your Restaurant?

OpenTable has a total of 33,000 restaurants throughout the world, including the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico and the UK.  It has built this base after 17 years of operation.  It portrays itself as the must have table booking solution for Restaurants, but even in the United States, the penetration is quite low, considering their are almost 185,000 single location full service restaurants (this figure excludes chain restaurants!), so market penetration is low across the US, but is higher in competitive markets like New York.

OpenTable Australia fees not yet disclosed.

OpenTable Australia has not publicly released their monthly charges, nor the fee per seat or per booking, but it is likely to be at the higher end of the spectrum of what is available.  It has struggled to increase market share in the United States and in it’s export markets due to the high fees that it charges.

Free Online Restaurant Booking System

The ability to take bookings online from your own website is important, not sharing those contact details with other companies is critical.

No details have been included about their privacy policy, although we expect it to be similar to Respak / AS Digitals, where the email address of customers booking through a Restaurant own website are added into OpenTable Australia’s own email database so that they can then send out offers to other restaurants.

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Free Online Restaurant Bbooking System

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