Restaurant adds 93 contacts to their database, books out 351 seats, saves over $400, cuts 4 ½ hours of time on the phone and does it all with a free piece of software and does it within 24 hours!

A new customer signed up with Book A Table recently and yesterday was a pretty good day for them.   By moving across to Book A Table, they have been able to enjoy all of the benefits of taking bookings online.  You can imagine how busy the restaurant would have been with all of the enquiries and all of the bookings if 93 separate bookings were made in 1 day – with enquiries and bookings, it would have been easily Even better, the contact details for those customers are added automatically into the restaurants database to allow for easy marketing to each of those customers in the future.


The best thing about taking this many bookings, is that it wasn’t through couponing, and it wasn’t through discounting.   Remember – great food, great value and a great experience can really help with building demand for your restaurant, meaning that the weekends are busy and so are the usual quiet nights, like Tuesday and Wednesday.

Book A Table is completely free and best of all, the customers are YOUR customers.  We will never email the customer directly, nor will we send them discount offers for other customers.


What are you doing to generate a great experience in your restaurants?

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