Secret page – DAY 4: Update your website

Did you know that 9 out of 10 restaurant owners (just like you) don’t have access to their websites?

That statistic alone should make you want to see what’s happening in there. So, what will you find in there? To answer that, you’ll learn heaps!

You need to have access to your website to be able to make changes.

Start to tell your story, what makes your restaurant unique.

You might want to update the photos for your website.

Maybe create a new page that talks about your gluten-free (or other specialty options you’re offering) menu.

Start to think about the search engine optimisation (SEO) ideas that you can use to increase traffic to your website and more importantly bookings and orders. Watch this video for an SEO basics tutorial.

Facebook Pixel – As discussed in Day 1: Know Your Numbers, Facebook Pixel is a must-have if you want to track your Facebook ad conversions, and so much more.

Page speed insights – Just how fast is your website? Find out using this.

Mobile Friendly Checker – With more than 50% of web traffic being dominated by mobile, your website should definitely be mobile-friendly or you’ll lose customers and their attention.

Once you have access to your website, you can practically control everything. You see, your website is your face to the world.

Here are the important bits of information you can get your hands into if you have access to your website:

  • Customers’ contact details (names, email address, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Menu
  • Unique story
  • Food images
  • Niches to target (gluten free, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Emotional connection

Personally updating your website will give you full control on the face the whole world sees–your website.


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