106 – Industry secrets for great Restaurant Website SEO

Episode 106: Industry Secrets for great Restaurant Website SEO

Check out last weeks episode and our Google Analytics podcast to help you get the basics for Restaurant SEO.

We continue on with some of the tricks that SEO companies use, like monthly SEO contracts.  The main thing that a lot of Restaurant Marketing companies do is send through reports, especially SEO reports, many of which are automatically generated.

What platform is best for your website SEO?

We discuss some of the tools that you can use to make the SEO better.  Remember, we are now talking about technical SEO, not the business SEO.  WordPress tends to be a lot better for SEO because of some of the tools that are available.  A great example if Yoast SEO, which is pretty much the industry standard for SEO tools in WordPress.  The more often you create content, the more you need to think about SEO tools.

Make sure your Website is secure.

Google has made a commitment to try and make sure the internet is safer for people using the internet.  One of the ways that businesses can make the web more secure is to make sure that there is a Security certificate installed on the website.  This means that communication between the browser and the website is encrypted and ensure.  This is pretty easy to do, but there are still a lot of websites that aren’t optimised.

Is your Restaurant website mobile optimised?

This is really important because the number of people browsing your site from a mobile is increasing all the time. Google has a quick and easy tool to help you find out if the website is mobile friendly –https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

How fast is your Restaurant Website?

Speed is a big factor for Restaurant websites.  How quickly does each of the pages load?  People on a mobile often are on networks with slower downloads, and they often leave a page if it is taking too long to render, so check the page speed of your website.  Here is a Google tool to help you with this and the report has some things that you can look at to increase the speed of your website.


A lot of the information is quite technical but it is a great tool to tell you if you have issues and see if you need to talk to your web developer.  This report will also give you some tips to increase you websites page speed.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Top 10 Tips for Restaurant Website SEO.

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