Episode 2: SEO for Restaurant Websites

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SEO is a critical part of any online marketing recipe.  It is also an area that many Restaurants lose thousands of customers a year becuase they haven’t got it right.  Discover the Secret of Restaurant SEO and learn how you can improve the targeting of your customers quickly and easily with much better SEO for your Restaurant website.
In this Podcast we will cover:

  • What exactly is SEO?
  • Why Restaurant SEO is so important
  • Why poor SEO is the Silent Killer for Restaurants
  • The big secret of SEO that SEO consultants don’t want you to
  • Great SEO tactics to dramatically increase the customers in your Restaurant
  • How SEO relates to niche marketing

Read our blog article about the recent Google Pigeon update and how it effected Restaurants

Our cover photo for this weeks Podcast is from Eat Me in Bangkok, Thailand – one of the Top 50 Restaurants in Asia.  It is the Spicy Wagyu Steak Tartare with Fried Quail Egg.



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