143 – Restaurant Trends for 2021

Restaurant Trends 2021

Restaurant Trends for 2021

This year has been the hardest to work out what the trends are going to be, but by looking at the Restaurant industry around the world, talking to all of our customers, we have been able to look at what we think the big Trends for 2021 in the Restaurant industry are going to be.  

In this episode, we can pull out insights that will help  you have a  more profitable restaurant or event to start a new restaurant. This year more than ever, Marketing will be really important.

We look at how COVID-19 has impacted the Restaurant Industry and how you can position yourself in 2021 to survive, revive and maybe even thrive in what has been for most Restaurants around the world, a truly awful year. 


1. Covid-19  and its  Huge Economic Impact in Your Local Area

I have been helping out with the response In Victoria for Covid 19. We have been doing some work supporting communities particularly council areas and when you delve really into those market areas you will find that there are big differences on a suburb per suburb basis. the languages, the communities that they form, the social-economic impact, the work that they do, are all important factors from a marketing point of view. These are the foundation of where your marketing plan will sit on.


The important thing to remember, people with Government jobs, they are all working from home for almost 9 months, they have not been able to travel, to eat out, go to events so they have lots of disposable money and quite keen on going out spending and this creates an opportunity for you.

 2. Hiring and Retaining Great Staff

That is going to be something that winners will be spending quite a bit of time to be able to be successful. There are a lot of amazing people out there now looking for jobs, so make sure that your Restaurant is getting the great hires that are out there.

3. Psychological Impacts

In Victoria, before Covid, there were few people who wore masks until it was mandated. Now even when we don’t need to wear masks, there are still people wearing them.   This is because of the profound psychological impact for so many people. See how the landscape has changed and how it affected even the willingness of people to take out their wallet to purchase food from your restaurant for both take out and delivery.  There are lots of nuances that you need to be thinking about to understand what has changed and what your customers are looking for.  Our third episode on the Restaurant Trends for 2021 will cover this in greater detail.

4. The Great Restaurant Reboot

Some things will change and will gradually come back to normal. Some things will be months, some things will be years and some things are going to change fundamentally forever particularly when you look back in history. The changes we have seen in the economy with a huge number of people losing their jobs or not earning as much as they could have, the number of people who are not able to go out meaning they have more disposable income but most importantly the profound psychological impact for everyone who has live through this. You need to look after yourself so you can look after your team so that your team can look after your customers.

The biggest Restaurant Trends for 2021 will be the adjustment in the market in response to COVID-19.

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