150 – The Future of Restaurant OnLine Ordering Systems

Secret Sauce Episode 150

This Restaurant podcast episode looks at how Restaurants can best manage the changes in the industry with Online Ordering Systems.

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This episode talks about how restaurant online ordering systems are helping food establishments and the value it brings to consumers. There are so many ways you can take advantage of online ordering platforms. Know how you can boost web traffic and sales using these tools, and understand how you can provide the best customer experience to leave a good impression.

There are probably about eight times as many customers jumping onto restaurant online ordering systems in quite a short time. The huge increase in the number of orders is phenomenal. We’re now at the point where we have done millions of dollars worth of transactions on behalf of restaurants and every single one of those transactions was done at zero cost, no fee, no commission, and no monthly fee.

The fact that we’ve helped food establishments increase their sales in such a challenging time is amazing. A good number of customers are doing more transactions through various platforms. And it’s giving these sites an increase in web traffic. Amazingly, we’re starting to get strong traction for our clients.

The Current Landscape of Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Platforms like FROLO (Free Online Ordering) help provide excellent customer experience to visitors and improve web traffic for merchants as it caters to the SEO requirements of these food businesses. It works as a good service provider for people who prefer to order food online and is a great platform for restaurants to market what they offer.

Restaurant online ordering systems also raise the bar in terms of competition. Food establishments that are taking part in the online space have to work on producing top-quality and attention-grabbing content aside from serving great dishes. Improving customer engagement is an important factor if you want to make it big on these platforms.

How the System Serves Your Customers

The purpose of restaurant online ordering systems is to give customers a seamless experience when browsing your menu and making a purchase while at the comfort of their home. And upon using online platforms, sites like FROLO capture the visitor’s contact details, most websites ask for the customer’s email address and offer loyalty programs and other promos. This type of system serves the needs of consumers looking to order food online and gives merchants a platform to run marketing campaigns. 

What this Means for Restaurants

You’ve got to tell your story and need to stand out. Also, you should be authentic and unique when sharing your story or message. Make sure that there are photos and something that people can read and say “ah that sounds cool, why don’t we go there”.

Put something up on your menu, that is the way you can be innovative with your marketing efforts. Make it look appealing. Your menu should be one of your strongest content. People in most of these online ordering solutions include the marketing features that we like to use for our customers. And we want to be able to have it at a price point that is competitive because we know that every dime that you save is a little bit more profit for your business.

Food establishments can integrate restaurant online ordering systems into their operations by coming up with a commission-based deal which works best for them and these platforms. Definitely a win-win.

Where Online Ordering Systems are Headed to

Now is the time to take online ordering into the next iteration. A whole lot smarter, more clever, and centered on the profitability of your restaurant. There are so many things that you can do here. It’s going to be super. This can be exciting for you because you’re getting the customer details which you can use for marketing campaigns such as email newsletters about your promos. Plus, you can make more sales thanks to your online presence. I’ve seen that work and also, you’re retaining so much more profit. Those who can’t visit your location can still use ordering platforms to purchase your products. Restaurant online ordering systems can also help identify the consumer behavior of your target market.

The pandemic has made an economic impact felt around the world. There are two sides to this. We have people who have the spending capability, and some individuals opt to be more careful with their expenses. This could be an opportunity for you to offer your menu at rates that can make the market go “yep that’s so much cheaper I’m going to try these guys out”. If they like the food you serve at affordable prices, chances are you’ll see an increase in sales.

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