5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Minimize The Impact of Covid 19

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Minimize The Impact of Covid 19
As COVID-19 has put the world on lockdown, restaurants are presented with a unique set of challenges. More people are staying indoors and dining out less, driving them to adapt to the new normal. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, so the smart thing to do is to take proactive measures to keep your restaurant afloat.

In this article, we go over 5 ways your restaurant can minimize the impact of COVID 19 

1. Set up online ordering

Takeout and delivery services are gaining popularity these days as fewer people are dining out to avoid catching the virus. So, you’ll want to increase the quality of these services by setting up online ordering. This not only simplifies things, but it’s also a great way to spread the word of your restaurant and get customers to order from you.
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2. Communicate with your customers online

Communication with customers is key during the pandemic. With more people staying at home, now is the perfect time to reach out to them online.
Make sure your website is up-to-date on everything from your menu to your operating hours. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are strategic online platforms to use too. With them, you can do things like sharing eye-catching pictures of your food and post any promos you have. Since customers value safety, let them know about your restaurant’s health policies to ensure a virus-free

3. Run online payments

Allowing online payments can make for a faster and more convenient option for your customers. By making this step easier for them, you create a more pleasant experience. In turn, they may be more inclined to spend more and order from you again. On top of that, some other benefits of running online payments include simplifying accounting and reducing the risk of theft. It lowers customer’s and employees’ risk of contracting COVID-19 as well since it doesn’t involve exchanging cash in person.

4. Look for government assistance

It’s good to know that you are not alone during this pandemic. The Australian Government offers several assistance programs to help lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your restaurant. By applying, you may be able to get things like cash assistance or waived payments. There are even state-specific assistance programs, so make sure to check out all of the ones you’re eligible for.

5. Step up your marketing game

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to proactively market your restaurant to keep business going. Here are a few marketing tactics to help you attract more customers:
  • Add bundle deals to your menu: These can really help increase sales while giving customers greater value and variety. They also bring attention to menu items you want people to notice. Plus, you may be able to run your kitchen more smoothly since you’ll already know what to expect.
  • Offer special incentives: Customers love getting free stuff, so consider offering appetizers or desserts to certain meals at no cost. You can even provide these incentives if they order via takeout instead of delivery. Just make sure they won’t pull down your sales.
  • Create engaging content: Make the most out of your online reach by regularly putting out compelling content to get more eyes on your restaurant. Get creative by sharing simple recipes, hosting live cooking shows, or giving a behind the scenes tour of your kitchen. You can post these on your website and social media pages.
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