56 – How to build a profitable wine program in your Restaurant

Date: 08-09-2017

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We look at the role that wine plays in a restaurant as a part of the experience that you are creating for your customers.

What is the process that you should use in building a wine list? How does that reflect on the customers that you are looking to attract to your restaurant and what the menu is like?

How can you use dynamic content on the wine list to increase the number of times that a customer will return to your restaurant?

The linkage between wineries and restaurants are increasing to get closer as wineries look for wide distribution channels and restaurants look for ways that they can create new experiences for their customers. Partnering with a local winery can give you access to the wine makers and enable you to create bespoke dinner events like paired degustation menus, which are perfect for the quieter nights of the week to drive higher revenue.

Should you be dealing with a wine rep or direct from the winery?  What are the benefits of dealing with a wine rep?

As a chef who doesn’t know a lot about wine, how can you take your first steps in creating your own wine list? There are a lot of resources available to help you skill up yourself and your team around your wines?

What are the important things to train your FOH (front of house) team up on when dealing with customers about wine?

How do you price your bottles of wine?  This is a big question that a lot of restaurants struggle with.  We look at some of the factors that you need to think about when coming up with the price you should charge for your wine.

How often should you turn over your wine inventory? Some wine programs have significant investments, so getting the wine mix right and being able to turn it over quickly is key to running a successful wine program.

Lastly, we look at some of the mistakes that people make when putting a wine program together.


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