65 – 11 Restaurant Marketing Myths exposed Part II

Date: 27-11-2017

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6 – Marketing is all about discounting.  A lot of Restaurants already discount, especially if you are doing lunch or breakfast meals.  We look at dynamic yield pricing for Restaurants.

7 – We are killing it on Instagram, (or Twitter or Snapchat) – we don’t need any other marketing.  Marketing must, Must, MUST be tied to revenue and too many people think that having 100,000 people following them on Instagram, but you can’t meet payroll with Instagram followers or likes. 

8 – Our third party provider does all of our marketing.  Restaurants using people like Menulog, Dimmi, OpenTable, Just Eat, GrubHub, think that they are doing marketing on their behalf.  The 3rd parrty providers do marketing on their own behalf, not yours, especially, 

9- We can’t afford a $1,000 a month marketing budget.  We have restaurants doing 1,000 seats a month.  With Dimmi that is $1,000 a month!  We recommend spending $3 – $10 a day on Facebook marketing.  We are also looking at a results driven marketing campaign as well.  Too many people are spending $3,000 a month with companies that aren’t focused on revenue.

10 – We need to do brand marketing.  You should always be looking at your sales funnel and drive people into the funnel.  Great social media driving customers to websites that tell an engaging story and convert with great photos and menus and customer experiences.

11 – I am too old to do the marketing for my Restaurant.  This is a poor excuse.  If it is your restaurant, it is your story that your customers want to hear and Restaurant Marketing isn’t Rocket Science.  Anyone can learn the basics of the tools that work really well to help you tell your Restaurant’s story.

12 – I already have a website.  Restaurant owners don’t want a Restaurant Website, they want a Restaurant eCommerce machine that generates revenue.  Don’t let your main sales person in your team (your restaurant’s website) do nothing – it should be working really hard.  Make sure you know the metrics, make sure it is fast, make sure it is optimized for mobile, make sure it tells your story.

If you need help with your Restaurant website, have a look at our Restaurant specific way of helping you to tell your Restaurant’s story.


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