87 – Innovation and Epic Food at Dinner by Heston

Restaurant ideas Dinner by Heston

We look at what we learnt from Dinner by Heston.

Firstly, have a think about the photos that you’ve got.  I will put some images up in the show notes to give you an idea about the kind of photos that you can take with an entry level camera or a decent mobile phone.

Dinner by Heston has a unifying story throughout the menu – cooking food for centuries ago and reinterpreting them in a way that is interesting and compelling for customers.

Every dish had a story and they tell the story really well.  There was Savoury Porridge.  This was green and gives everyone something to talk about. Green Porridge.  For Dinner.  Savoury Porridge. Lots of interesting components to the dish to get people talking about the Restaurant.

I was lucky enough that my wife had booked the Chef’s table for us.  A great high value experience that gives you a close up view of the workings of the kitchen.

Our tea came with an hourglass to tell us when the tea was properly steeped.  A small thing that signals the value of the experience that you are having.

As a part of the Chef’s Table, we were able to see the quality assurance commitment that the team has. It shows. The steak that we had was probably the best I have ever had.

Mentoring in the Restaurant – does your head chef do this?  Helping out all of the team to be their best in the team.  I think mentoring is a big thing, it makes the team better and good mentoring usually means that your team members will stay with you longer because you are investing in their career.

We look at the sourcing work that the sommelier.  An eclectic range of drinks that were immaculately paired with the degustation menu.

Do you have an incremental revenue opportunity from birthday cakes?

Have a think about creating unique and epic desserts.

How can you create something, a physical link with the experience that you have created?

Are you using OpenTable?  Are you getting the email addresses of your customers booking through OpenTable?  Do you want to be giving them access to your booking list to another company?  We talk about IP leakage and what it can cost you.

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