Credit Card Hacks Restaurant

89 – How to fly like a Celebrity Chef

Credit Card Hacks Restaurant

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Many small Restaurants use Credit Cards to pay for a lot of bills.  With some really simple changes, you can make a really big difference in the kind of travel that you can take.

We talk to Steve Hui from I Fly Flat.  This is something that we do a pretty good job of, and I was able to get an upgrade to Business Class last year for our family as we flew from Melbourne to Singapore in December last year.  This was an Epic experience flying Business Class with Qantas.

Steve discusses a range of tactics that you can use fly in style around the world, just by changing some purchasing habits and maybe just even changing your credit cards.

Travel is a really important part of life, I think.  Experiencing different places, different cultures.

To pick the right card, you want to match it to your suppliers.  We talk credit card surcharges and some ways that you can negotiate down the credit card surcharge with some of your suppliers.

Not many small business owners are doing this, but it can be a great way to start travelling, or to start travelling in style.

We look at a way that you can increase the points that you get from making payments to the government, which can make a really big difference in your points balance.

We talk about the experience as a Qantas Gold customer, which gives access to Lounges around the world.  Grab a quick shower in between flights and some complimentary food and drinks before your next adventure.

The kids loved the upgrade to Qantas Business Class.

Important point – make sure that are paying off the credit card balance each month so that you are avoiding the expensive credit card interest.

** Update **

As we having been flying around the world seeing customers and studying Restaurant marketing, I have managed to make Platinum, which give you access to the First Class Lounge.  OMG!  These are epic.  Definitely something to think about.  Woo Hoo!



Our BHAG is to make a meaningful difference in Restaurant Owners lives.  Hopefully this will help inspire to start planning towards taking your next holiday.  If it does, please send us a photo of you on holidays.  We would really appreciate it.

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