90 – Google Analytics for your Restaurant I

Did you check out the episode on how to fly like a celebrity chef?  The good news is that I have been practising what I have been preaching, and I’ve been lucky enough to make Platinum with Qantas.  There has been a bit of travelling around the world, visiting Restaurants and being Platinum certainly makes things a lot nicer.  How can you create a loyalty program that makes your regularly customers feel really special?

We go through each of the tabs on Google Analytics about the key metrics in Google Analytics.  This will help you to understand how people are finding your website and also give you the insights to improve it.  This is the most important part that you want to be thinking about.

If you don’t have Google Analytics, here is a link for how to set up your Google Analytics account.

We go through each of the key metrics and what you can learn from the metrics and how each one of them fits into the Restaurant marketing process.  Not only what each of the metrics mean, but how you can increase them.  Generally, hopefully, more traffic to your website means more customers in your Restaurant.

How many people are coming to your website on a mobile?  Is it mobile optimized?  If not, you might be missing out on many of the new customers that you need, especially if you are in a tourist area.

The Audience tab gives you insights into who your customers are and what they are doing.  Male vs Female and age group information can also be found.

What are the differing sales techniques that you need to use for new vs returning customers?


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You don't want to be the best restaurant that no one has ever heard of.

There are 2 types of Restaurant Website visitor – those who know your Restaurant and those who don’t. If your website isn’t set up properly, your regular customers will find your site, but new customers will be going to your competitors down the road.

Our free 7 point audit is designed to help you understand if your website is is bringing in the new customers that your Restaurant deserves.