95 – How to get great photos for your Restaurant

Restaurant photography

Restaurant Photography is a very important part of Restaurant Marketing.  Customers first eat with their eyes, so the photos that you use on Facebook, Instagram, and your website are really important when you are trying to convert prospects into customers.

Before we get started with Restaurant Photography, we look at a little bit of marketing innovation that is working really well for one of our customers.

We look at how you can get the images that you need for your Restaurant marketing.

We talk about Professional Photographers and the best way that you can structure a brief for your photographer.  How can you get the best value from your photographer and what tips are there for the kind of photos that you need?

Not everyone has the budget for a professional photographer, so what are the alternatives?  We have some great ideas around how you can get some great photos on the cheap.

How can you drive your customers to take photos of your food and of your Restaurant?  User Generated Content from your customers is a great way that you can increase the amount and strength of the word of mouth that you can get from your customers.

What about your staff?  What is their role in the photography part of your marketing plan?

We discuss what types of cameras that you can use.  Should you use a Digital SLR, a compact, a phone camera?

Make sure that you have the photos that truly represent your passion and your food.  We’ve seen websites that have photos that I think actively decrease the chances that a prospect will come into your Restaurant.  You don’t want to be one of those Restaurants.

Great restaurant photography will help tell your story and that story is a big part of why new customers will come into your Restaurant.

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