Episode 8 – Great Restaurant Marketing in Charleston, South Carolina

We look at Restaurant Fitouts – is it worth spending all that money?  We also look at some of the menu ideas that really work to draw customers in.  We look at great customer service, great menu items and how Restaurants are using Bartercard to build their business.

In Restaurant Autoposy we lok at 2 mistakes that killed one of our favourite local Restaurants.  Great food, great value and a great experience wasn’t enough to save this Restaurant.

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In this episode will cover:

Restaurant Autopsy – We look at a fatal flaw in menu engineering and a fitout mistake that sent one Restaurant owner broke.  We look at one sneaking practice with Google My Business that one of our customers had done to them by one of their competitors and how to avoid it.

We will cover off on many of the things that made us select the Restaurants that we did on our trip to Charleston, South Carolina, along with a couple of mistakes that are causing some restaurants to lose customers every day.

We also look at how Restaurants are finding more customers with Bartercard.

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Edmund’s Oast

Noisy Oyster Seafood Restaurant

Bartercard Australia and Bartercard USA

Jestine’s Kitchen

Hominy Grill

Wild Flour Charleston

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